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Improv Comedy Corporate Training and Classes


Improv Comedy Corporate Training and
Team Building Classes

Are you in need of a fun and energetic corporate team-building workshop?
Let us help you!

We provide corporate training and team building workshops based on the foundations of improvisational theatre. Our workshop leaders are professionally trained in the Upright Citizen’s Brigade approach to improv. They guide you and your team through our workshop, which is designed to help your team:

  • Become more active listeners

  • Communicate more efficiently

  • Think more creatively

  • Speak and present more confidently

  • Have fun and simultaneously increase productivity

In improv, performers create all characters and dialogue spontaneously on stage. The philosophies, techniques, and practices of the improv comedy method have a 1-to-1 applicability to the real world, are beneficial in all facets of life, and enhance business productivity and synchronicity.

Our workshop model is a tried and true method, guaranteed to bring the best possible collaborative effort out of your team, and create a more positive and supportive work environment. Plus, your team will find that being more productive can actually be fun!

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