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Corps Improv Class Program

Improv Class Program


At Action Show Studios, we take the UCB approach to improv. That approach focuses on the performance of Del Close’s original long form format, the Harold, utilizing the establishment of grounded base realities and disciplined exploration of game.

Our Corps improv class program consists of 4 tiers of training, taking you from the fundamentals to advanced Harold and other long form formats.

Students who complete our 4-tier Corps improv class program become eligible to join our “Paid to Play” division, and video production assistance program.

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IMPV 101: Intro to Improv

IMPV 101 teaches you the basics of performing long form improv. Learn fundamental techniques like yes, and..., playing to the top of your intelligence, active listening, and supportive maneuvering.

Pre-requisite: None!

Next Class: Tuesdays starting September 24th, 7 to 10 PM.
Instructor: Matt Bruggeman

IMPV 201: Game of the Scene and Advance Game Techniques

IMPV 201 introduces the concept of finding and playing the Game of The Scene. The "game" is what makes your scenes funny, and it is the centerpiece of the beloved UCB improv approach.

Pre-requisite: IMPV 101 or equivalent from another theatre.

Next Class: Sundays starting September 8th, 4 to 7 PM.
Instructor: Josh Warren

IMPV 301: Intro to the Harold

IMPV 301 introduces the long form format, the Harold, as developed by Del Close. The version he called the "Training Wheels Harold" consists of three acts or "beats", each of which contains three separate scenes and a group sequence. Within each beat, improvisors return to the three, previously established scenes. Through the progression of the beats to the end of the piece, the realities of the three scenes converge.

Pre-requisite: IMPV 201 or qualifying audition.

Next Class: Not yet scheduled.
Instructor: Josh Warren

IMPV 301: Intro to the Harold
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IMPV 401: Advanced Harold and other Long Form Formats

IMPV 401 builds on IMPV 301, and introduces more advanced variations of The Harold, as well as other advanced long form formats and Harold techniques.

Pre-requisite: IMPR 301 or qualifying audition.

Next Class: Early to Mid September, TBD
Instructor: Josh Warren

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