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Improv Classes

Improv Classes

Take improv classes in Atlanta!

At Action Show Studios, we take the UCB approach to improv. The approach focuses on the performance of Del Close’s original long form format, The Harold, utilizing the establishment of base realities and disciplined exploration of game to consistently create outrageous comedy out of thin air!

Corps Improv Classes

Our Corps improv class program takes you from the fundamentals to the “Training Wheels” Harold and more advanced Harold formats, for a complete and well-rounded improv training regimen.

Advanced Improv Classes

Our advanced improv classes build on the foundations laid out in our Corps improv class program, and help you take your improv to the next level.

Improv Workshops

One and two-day improv classes for a low cost introduction to improv or for a specialized focus in a particular area of interest, helping you to sharpen your improv skills.

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