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Matt Bruggeman

Matt Bruggeman - IMPROV

Matt began his training in the art form of improvisational comedy, and soon experienced, first hand, the importance of communication skills - or lack thereof - in the workplace as an engineer. Given the transformational effects he found from improv exercises, he now gets to share his experience with others in a multitude of ways.

Matt received his training and taught improv at Black Box Improv Theater in Dayton, Ohio, where he also still performs. He expanded his training at UCB New York in 2017.

Currently, Matt performs in a musical improv group called My Favorite Nephew in Dayton and in Hip Hop Harold and The Party in Atlanta, as well as other improv and sketch shows. He also wrote and performs in his sketch show Lime In The Milk, which he co-wrote with Rob Joyner.

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Matt’s upcoming classes/workshops: