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Ravikash Saini


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Ravikash Saini - Improv

Ravikash is a local Atlanta comedian, musician, video producer, and a main cast company member at the Village Theatre. His background as a musician and audio engineer make him very attuned to rhythm and timing He brings those skills to his students to help them with their comedy and acting. He is also an active member in the Atlanta comedy scene; he performs with Group Therapy, Action Show, Hip-Hop Harold, The Bouncers, Five Points Forgotten, and 4th Ward Sketch, among others. He has performed all over Atlanta and the country at prestigious theatres such as Dad's Garage, Relapse Theatre, UCB, The Magnet, and more.

He also directs his own Harold improv Team, Captin's Log, a star trek improv show, and does drop-in coaching to independent teams around the city.

Ravikash is also NOT local ATL rapper @lilpoocraps, he is @lilpoocraps' personal manager, please don't confuse them, he gets very upset when this happens.