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Sara Bresee

Sara Bresee

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Sara Bresee - Improv

Sara has been improvising since her college days, and won’t tell you when that was because then you will know her age.

She trained with Theatre 99, the Improfessionels, Dad’s Garage, Highwire Comedy, Amanda Rountree and Friends, The Robert Mello Studio, Village Theatre and The Annoyance

She performs improv weekly with the Main Stage cast of the Village Theatre, the Harold team Five Points Forgotten and Freddy, Sara and Andrew Have a Dance Party.

She performs, produces, and directs with the video and stage sketch team the Non-Violet Offenders, and with her best-friend comedy duo Salty Bees, with Courtney Overcash

She directs and/or produces several shows around Atlanta, including The Improvised Vagina Monologues.

She teaches group mind and movement workshops at Dad’s Garage, and is co-teaching our Viewpoints Through Movement workshops and classes with Eliana Marianes.